Local Customer Service, Personalized Training and Technical Support

Local Customer Service and Advice

To be competitive today you need both high productivity and a high return on investment. R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. is your distributor for the most reliable, rugged and complete portfolio of payload management systems available. The experienced professionals at R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. will advise you on the right technology for your job and provide you with local customer service, personalized training and technical support.

Application Knowledge

The team at R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. knows how to apply payload management technology to effectively solve your biggest challenges. We will guide you in leveraging LOADRITE payload measurement systems for your loader, excavator, haul truck or conveyor, along with Loadrite Connected Quarry solutions.

Personalized Training

R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. offers practical on-site instruction to help your team master the system, and its application.

Technical Support

R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. has invested in factory-trained and certified service technicians with years of experience. We have stocked a large inventory of repair parts, which allows us to provide quick turnaround times for most repairs.


LOADRITE weighing systems are a precision weighing instrument and as such require regular service and calibration testing to maintain the accuracy achieved when the system was initially installed. Hydraulic weighing systems measure lifting pressure in the main lifting mechanism, increased friction in the mechanical lifting mechanism, be it pins, rollers or slides will be seen as increased weight by the LOADRITE product as it cannot determine increased friction from increase payload as what is seen is increased pressure to lift the load. With normal wear the weighing system should be regularly calibrated every 2 months.

The R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. service team who will come to your site and service and test your LOADRITE weighing scales, record and present performance results back to you. Any changes required are documented for compliance with your quality system requirements to ensure measuring equipment is regularly tested and audited.

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Legal for Trade Certification

Trade legal scales – certified LOADRITE™ scales allowing you to legally invoice customers directly by  product weight in lbs, kg or tonnes.

Selected LOADRITE products have an new or field upgrade option to become certified Legal For Trade (LFT). The weighing systems are registered with the local government and require third party testing and certification by accredited registered representative.

R. L. Rurka Sales & Service Inc. are providers of LFT scales for wheel loaders, forklifts, reach-stackers and container forklifts.

Having a LOADRITE LFT system installed removes your requirement to weigh the truck payload over a static weighbridge.

Benefits with LOADRITE LFT on-board scales are:

  • SPEED – faster load-out cycle – no trucks queuing for the weighbridge
  • LOWER COST of compliance – LOADRITE LFT systems are a fraction of the cost of static weighbridges
  • FLEXIBILITY – in and out gates are not constrained to the weighbridge location
  • SCALEABILITY – add more LFT scales as your business grows, move LFT loaders to busy sites
  • SPACE – no need for large areas of land dedicated to weighbridge, use what you have smarter